Prodent SAL has been growing steadily to become Lebanon Market leader in the dental sector since 1993. Throughout the years, Prodent has acquired exclusive distributorship rights for over fifty dental international companies. Swiss company Straumann AG tops that list,.
May 1994 marked the official start of Straumann- Prodent partnership.
Straumann AG used to be a family owned Business Company located in Waldenburg, it went public through the Swiss Stock Market in the early 21th century.
Both Prodent and Straumann had a vision and the willingness to grow.
Straumann today is the world leader in the dental implants business providing premium tooth replacement solutions. Straumann employs more than 3’000 employees over the globe.
In celebration of the partnership between Prodent and Straumann AG, and with the collaboration of the Swiss Embassy in Lebanon and the Swiss Business Council-Lebanon, Prodent had invited Mr. Marco Gadola, CEO of Straumann AG to a gathering at Prodent premises in Bsalim.
“Here we are today November 1st 2016, celebrating our 22years of partnership in success and commitment to providing the Lebanese dental professionals and their patients with best in class products and services” said Mr. Baraka the CEO of Prodent.
He welcomed the CEO of Straumann Mr. Marco Gadola who came specially to share these moments with Prodent staff and customers; Straumann Executive Vice President Mr. Wolfgang Becker and Straumann regional manager Mr. Charbel Saad were also present.
Many other eminent personalities joined the event namely Mr. Chasper Sarott Deputy Head of Mission and Chargé d’Affaires of the Embassy of Switzerland in Lebanon and Mr. Berge Arabian, secretary general of the SBC-L.
Mr. Baraka thanked the universities and the Lebanese official institutions (The Lebanese army , the internal security forces) who kept working on the quality of their medical services despite the difficult times Lebanon passes through.
Finally Mr. Baraka closed his welcoming speech by assuring the audience that his team and he will always make Prodent LEADING DENTISTRY AHEAD.